Friday, December 19, 2008

JavaScript Frameworks

I have read one page, the comparison of javascript frameworks. It is good to know benefits, drawbacks, and limitations that each brought us back. From my personal experience:

1. MooTools is a compact framework, but it is suitable small web applications. One of the bad things I hate this framework is that it overrides the core javascript object. Even Dom objects has been overridden by MooTools. It has get() method and some other methods.

2. YUI has very bad documentation, but has lots of live functional examples. It has lots of properties, methods, and events. It is hard for the newbies to find a properties he need because the documentation just you do and you get it. It doesn't tell why and how this framework works. Sometimes I need to hook through the code. One the best things of YUI is has good configurator and it is modulus. You can take some functionalities off that are not useful in your web application. It also supports Back button support when you use Ajax Request.

3. ExtJS has two types of licenses: Commercial and GPL. It is good this framework if you build a single web application because it has many web controls look like windows controls. It has a very good documentation in air application and html pages. It has more features than YUI.

4. jQuery is a great JavaScript framework. It has great documentation and let you write less and do more. The size is also small enough. Actually, I like this framework.

5. Prototype & I used to work with this. Well, I think using jQuery is better than this.

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