Friday, February 19, 2010

Meta-programming in Ruby and JavaScript

Recently, I have been working with writing a ruby gem, Yoolk API Gem. What is really interesting for me is I do some meta programming and object-oriented programming in Ruby which I have never experienced before. A few month later, there is a requirement that my team needs to write in JavaScript, but I don't want to touch JavaScript really much. Therefore, my team member took over this task. Whenever I write code in Ruby, I just try to think how to do it in JavaScript as well. Several things that came up to my mind with some from my team member:

1. Defer class from a variable.

// JavaScript
var klass = "Person";
p = new window[klass]; //class without namespace
p = new yoolk[klass]; //class with namespace

# Ruby
klass = "Person"
p = Object.const_get(klass).new #class without namespace
p = Yoolk.const_get(klass).new #class with namespace

2. Access class method from instance object

// JavaScript
var p = new Person();

p =

3. Define method of an object

var p = new Person();
p.hello = function() {

p =
def p.hello
puts "hello"

4. Define class methods

Person.hello = function() {

def Person.hello
puts "hello"


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